Hayton Parish Church

Details of the Rota are


Hayton Rota: September to November 2017
As agreed, if changes are required please write the new name in the appropriate place in the "substitute" column.
Date Duty Person Substitute  
24-Sep Sidesman P Haynes      
  Reader J Morris  
  Offertory J Clubbs      
  Intercessions J Morris   S Barker  
  Eucharist Assistance        
1-Oct Sidesman C Parker      
  Reader S Barker B Brian
  Offertory P Parker      
  Intercessions B Brian      
  Eucharist Assistance S Barker   B Brian  
8-Oct Sidesman L Docherty      
  Reader P Swainson  
  Offertory S Hughes      
  Intercessions S Hughes      
  Eucharist Assistance B Brian   S Barker  
15-Oct Sidesman M Beattie      
  Reader B Brian S Barker
  Offertory R Gaddas      
  Intercessions S Barker      
  Eucharist Assistance M Gilligan      
22-Oct Sidesman P Haynes      
  Reader P Haynes  
  Offertory J Clubbs      
  Intercessions Vicar      
  Eucharist Assistance        
29-Oct Sidesman No service at Hayton.      
  Eucharist Assistance      
5-Nov Sidesman C Parker      
  Reader M Gilligan  
  Offertory P Parker      
  Intercessions J Morris      
  Eucharist Assistance C Parker