Giving To Hayton Church

For those who give regularly through Stewardship Envelopes the new envelopes for 2016 are now available at the back of the church

Everyone is always welcome at our regular services and the Church is always available for special family occasions (Baptisms, Weddings etc). However many people do not always realise the costs of keeping the church running.


Our biggest single expense is the annual “Parish Share” which all churches pay to Carlisle Diocese in return for which they pay the salary of the clergy and upkeep of the vicarages. It is fair to say that Hayton is part of the Eden, Gelt and Irthing Team Ministry which in total across 10 churches receives more from the diocese than the combined churches pay. Despite this Hayton’s Parish Share is over £10,000 which has to be found before we can pay anything for insurance, electric, gas and general upkeep. In simple terms if 125 people gave as little as £10 per month the Parish Share would be met with some over for running expenses.


Giving can be made in various ways, placing in the collection during any service, arranging regular giving through envelopes or by regular bankers orders. Anyone wanting to give via envelopes or bankers order should contact the Treasurer Chris Haynes on 01228 670428. If giving via either of these methods please consider (if you are a taxpayer) asking Chris for  the necessary Gift aid declaration which means for every £1 you give the Church receives £1.25.