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MONTHLY SERVICE ROTA in the EDEN, GELT & IRTHING TEAM MINISTRY                                                                     

JUNE 2021


  6th June First Sunday after Trinity 13th June Second Sunday after Trinity 20th June Third Sunday after Trinity 27th June Fourth Sunday after Trinity
BRAMPTON 4pm Family Service   9.30am HC     9.30am Morning Worship (Lay led Fam. Service) 9.30am HC 
CROSBY 9.30am Family Service   9.30am HC  
IRTHINGTON 11.00am HC    11am  Family Service 6.30pm Evening Prayer 
SCALEBY   11am  Family Service    11am Holy Communion 
11am HC Edward Johnsen
6pm Evening Prayer            E. Johnsen 8am HC EJ
11am HC Peter Ramsden
11am HC      
Caroline Kennedy
CUMWHITTON 5pm Evensong
Edward Johnsen
  9.30am HC Edward Johnsen   
TALKIN 9.15am Village Service
Lay led
11am HC Edward Johnsen 9.15am HC Janice Murray 9.15am HC Peter Ramsden   
FARLAM 11am HC Janice Murray   11am HC Edward Johnsen   
CASTLE CARROCK   9.30am HC Edward Johnsen   9.30am HC Elizabeth Gough 
CUMREW 9.30am HC Edward Johnsen       

ZOOM Services: 6.30pm 6th June ;  4pm 27th June                Email for link

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