Serving The Community



We are exploring how support can be offered to those who are self-isolating in Hayton Parish should they need it. One way to do this is for volunteers to call on homes in their own immediate area and offer help. If this is to be co-ordinated and done systematically so no one falls through the net, then I am happy to take on a role in that, We need to know who is offering to be a visitor and to assign people to particular roads / hamlets. If any support groups are already getting going in the parish it would be helpful to know what they're offering and in what geographical area.


How Mill is already being covered by a group called 'How Mill Volunteers' - to contact them ring Rachel Beadle on 670 528


'Brampton Acting Together' is holding meetings some evenings at Brampton Community Centre (I attended one last night) - they are issuing helpful guidelines for visitors and doing photo ID. Obviously there's a danger that vulnerable people could be taken advantage of, so unless people are supporting people already well known to them, it's good to be clear about what constitutes good practice. Advice on such things as how to deal with payment for shopping is still being explored.


One way forward could be for those who are either concerned for themselves or concerned for others, or those who would like to offer to be visitors or phone contacts for people, to let me know. I can link with 'BAT' and we can see if we can cover other parts of our parish - ie Hayton, Townhead, Faugh, Fenton and Edmund Castle.


My email is and my phone number is 670 248


Don't hesitate to get in touch.


Thanks, Edward