Carlisle Street Pastors

The Street Pastors movement is often referred to as “The Church in Action on the Streets.” There are 14.000 Street Pastors in the UK in over 400 locations, including 14 in Carlisle, working under the umbrella of Ascension Trust. Our strapline is “Listening, Caring, Helping,” which sums up exactly what we do on the streets of our city on a Saturday night from 10pm till around 3am. Each person does one duty a month in a group of 3 or 4. We provide a listening ear for those who need one, and we offer practical help such as flip flops, first aid and water. We also ensure that vulnerable people are safe, and this could include seeing people to taxis, reuniting friends, or sitting someone in a secure place till they feel better and checking on them at frequent intervals. You'll have noticed that we don't preach – Ascension Trust don't allow it - but if someone initiates a conversation about God we can continue it. If Jesus were there in person, it's what he would do. He wouldn't preach or judge, he would simply love. We work closely with the Police and the door staff and are able to deal with low-level incidents, which frees them to deal with more serious ones.


Everyone is welcome to join us. You need to be over 18, have attended your church for at least a year, have a reference form your church leader and one other person, have an enhanced DBS check, and undergo 42 hours of training in a variety of relevant modules over the first two years. Once you have done the first 3 modules you can wear the uniform and go out on patrol. Everything is paid for, including uniform. As I've already said, the work is safe and there is nothing to fear. In almost 10 years we have never had any problems or antagonism, and we are sure that this is because God honours what we do. In addition, we are covered in prayer by an army of Prayer Pastors. People are invariably grateful for what we do for them, and we get a lot of friendly comments from passers-by.


Carlisle Street Pastors is a charity and we rely entirely on donations from individuals and groups to meet our various expenses, including those mentioned above and an annual licence fee to Ascension Trust for our insurance and any help we may need.


If you would like to know more, please ring me, Kathy Howe, on 01228 511819, or contact You are welcome to come out on a patrol for all or part of an evening with no obligation.